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Our Mission

Rescue. Restore. Rebuild. Rehome.

"To rescue horses in Oregon with uncertain futures, restore their trust in humankind, rebuild their physical and mental health, and rehome them to loving forever families."


Our Story

Equine Outreach, Inc. (EOI) was founded in 2004 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to horse rescue, shelter, and rehabilitation. To date, Equine Outreach has provided sanctuary for and rehomed hundreds of equines. In 2017 a new Board of Directors assumed control and separated from the founder in order to improve financial management and refocus on rehoming horses, equine education, and community involvement. Groups from all over Central Oregon rallied to assist Equine Outreach with the move to a new location, building all the necessary facilities, and moving horses. Today, Equine Outreach operates in Bend, OR and is home to several horses and mules. We are managed and staffed by a dedicated team who care for the herd around the clock.

Meet The Team

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