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Your monthly membership will allow you to support a specific horse at Equine Outreach and provide grain, hay, and vital medical care for him/her. As a member, you'll receive exclusive benefits and updates on your horse. This is a great gift for someone special too -- birthday, holiday, etc.!

Choose your membership level below and then you'll be able to select your horse:

Mane Member Disclaimer

Because of the dynamic nature of our herd and changes in herd member statuses, all donations received through this campaign via online, check, or otherwise are subject to redirection at the discretion of the organization.

About Equine Outreach Horse Rescue

Equine Outreach is a nonprofit 501c3 organization in Bend, Oregon that provides a second chance for a good life and a second career for abused and neglected equines. We believe that every horse deserves respect, dignity, love, and compassionate care, and with your support, we focus on providing top-grade feed, medical care, rehabilitation, positive training, and all the love, hugs, and TLC we can give. Our tax ID is 51-0484049, and donations are tax deductible. We thank you -- and the herd thanks you!

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