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Become a Foster...Change a Life

Are you thinking about adopting your first horse but are not quite sure what it entails? Do you need a companion for your only horse? Or are you just looking to support your horse rescue community but don't quite know how? If any of these sound familiar then fostering might be for you!


At Equine Outreach we believe that each of our horses deserves individual love and attention even if they have not yet found their forever home. Our foster program also gives our community the opportunity to experience the joy our horses bring to us all even when people are not able to adopt. Just as importantly, having our horses in stable foster homes frees up space at our rescue, allowing us to take in more horses in need. We often get requests to take in horses that we have to turn down because we are at capacity so by taking in a foster you are helping save lives. 

Why our Foster Program is Unique

Equine Outreach provides FULL SUPPORT to our fosters for the first year. This means that for the first 12 months we will provide/pay for:

  • All feed & supplements

  • All vet care

  • Farrier care

  • Standard equipment including halters & blankets.

We also provide our fosters with their very own foster liaison - one of our amazing volunteers who will be there to take your call if you have any questions or need any support. 

If you live in Central Oregon and are interested in fostering, please contact us for more details and an application.


Our fosters have repeatedly told us how rewarding it is to help and make a difference in the life of a horse in need.

Thank you!


"We loved Klammy so much and am so happy he was able to spend his last years so peaceful with a best friend! They were so kind to each other, it warmed our hearts to see him so relaxed! Thank you for letting us have him."

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