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Volunteer and Change a Horse's Life

Consider joining our dedicated team. We need people who care about the lives of our rescued herd and are committed to showing up every week to ensure they have the absolute best care.

In-Person Care of the Horses and the Ranch


If you don't mind getting your hands (and clothes and boots!) dirty and putting in physical work in all types of weather, we would love to have you at the ranch. All volunteers are required to attend our Volunteer Orientation and Ranch Skills training.


Volunteer shifts are anytime from 9am-4pm every day (two hours a week required -- you choose the days/times that work for you). We need people to show up in the cold, snow, and heat and do whatever it takes to help the herd. Once you start bonding with the horses and they get to know and trust you, you will discover such a rewarding relationship.


Specifically, we need volunteers to:


-- muck the horse pens (every volunteer is a mucker first before other duties). This means using a rake/shovel and wheelbarrow to scoop poop so horses have clean living quarters that are free from flies and other pests that waste attracts.

-- clean and fill water troughs, clean feeders and grain bowls

-- help with ranch repairs -- fencing, building new pens, etc.

-- groom the horses

-- walk and help train the horses (after volunteering for several months first)

-- feed grain and hay for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

* No horse experience is necessary. We will train you to take on different roles and levels within the ranch.

** We require a minimum of two hours a week for at least three months in all types of weather. Training volunteers takes a lot of our resources, so please be sure you are ready to commit.

Behind-the-Scenes Work


If getting dirty and using a lot of physical energy is not your thing, no worries! We also have a need for volunteers to assist with administration tasks -- the things that keep us running.


Specifically, we need volunteers to:


-- assist with fundraising and sponsorships

-- help plan and work at special events

-- wash blankets, fill meal prep bins, organize storage, etc.

-- mailing items, managing product inventory, and data entry

Ready to get involved? Great! Fill out the form below.

We will contact you with all the details about the next orientation.

Apply to Volunteer

What type of work are you interested in? Check as many as you'd like:

Thank you!

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