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Become a Mane Member
and Be a Special Part of a Horse's Life

Our rescued horses have been through a lot in their lives. They now need people to care for them and support them so they can be part of a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling world. Your monthly membership will allow you to support a specific horse at Equine Outreach and provide grain, hay, and vital medical care for him/her. As a member, you'll receive exclusive benefits and updates on your horse. This is a great gift for someone special too -- birthday, holiday, etc.


Below are the horses who need a sponsor right now. Choose the one you want to help, your membership level, and then fill out the donation form below. Your credit card will be charged each month for the level you sign up for.


In return, you will receive:

-- Email updates and photos of your horse

-- A private tour of the ranch for you and a friend to spend time with your horse, take photos, and feed some treats (virtual tours also available)

-- Your name listed on a sign on your horse's gate as one of his/her sponsors

-- Wild Stallion members also receive a free Equine Outreach shirt.


Thank you for your support!

* If this is a gift, check the box that says "Dedicate my donation in honor of someone." Then you will be prompted for their contact information.

Choose Your Membership Level:

Pony Level

($10 a month = $120 a year)

will provide:

--hay and grain for a month

Mustang Level

($25 a month = $300 a year)

will provide:

-- hay for four months

Thoroughbred Level

($50 a month  = $600 a year)

will provide:

-- farrier and medicinal supplements for a year

Wild Stallion Level

($100 a month  = $1,200 a year)

will provide:

-- veterinarian care for a year

Mane Member Disclaimer

Because of the dynamic nature of our herd and changes in herd member statuses (e.g., adoptions, etc.) all donations received through this campaign via online, check, or otherwise are subject to redirection at the discretion of the organization. Thank you for your understanding!

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