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Sarah Lopez

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Sarah is an experienced speech-language pathologist by trade and in addition to her practical therapy skills, she has successfully managed, run and owned two private clinics serving over 150 clients and their families.


Sarah’s passion for horses and animal welfare has been an intrinsic part of her life since childhood and is what was the driving force behind her desire to be involved with Equine Outreach. Sarah was particularly drawn to Equine Outreach's commitment to focus on rescuing at-risk horses, regardless of their age or medical conditions. The fact that Equine Outreach's horses are ensured a safe refuge, no matter how complex their treatment may be, deeply resonates with Sarah’s values of compassion and concern for animal welfare. Sarah is the proud adopter and human mother of one of Equine Outreach’s rescue horses and adopting Rocket spurred Sarah to join the Equine Outreach Board so she could be part of the journey of many such equines.

The combination of Sarah’s compassionate personality with her pragmatic business capabilities makes her input to Equine Outreach’s strategic and operational decisions indispensable.

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