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Meet the Equine Outreach Herd

Companion Horses


Do you have a lonely horse at home who would like a companion horse? Do you have an empty pasture that could use one of these beauties? These horses are very special to us, and we would love to see them go to forever homes where they can live out the rest of their days at ease. They truly deserve it. They cannot be ridden due to their age and/or medical issues, and they should only be viewed friends or pets versus working horses.

The adoption fee is $500. This includes the $25 adoption application fee. We make every effort to have adopted horses be up-to-date on their vaccinations, worming, and farrier work.  


For details on how to adopt any of these horses, please see our Adoption Process.

Black Pearl

Arabian Cross
15 years old
15 hh


Black Pearl has been patiently waiting for someone to take her home; she has been at Equine Outreach since she was a foal.  Black Pearl is halter broke and extremely sweet. She has Wobbler Syndrome, so she isn’t a candidate for riding, but she'd make another horse a wonderful friend and companion.



Late Teens


Devon is a handsome Arabian in his late teens surrendered to us in early 2024. Devon has Wobbler Syndrome, a degenerative neurological disorder that can cause poor balance. We are thrilled to give this sweet boy a soft place to land as horses with this condition can be difficult to find homes for. So far, Devon is showing off his very friendly & curious personality and we are loving it! Devon would love a home as a companion horse and is used to being around other animals. Due to his condition, he can no longer be ridden.


Quarter Horse (Registered, "Pay Commander")
18 years old
15 hh


Maggie is a registered Quarter Horse who has been diagnosed with Wobbler Syndrome. She has a super sweet personality, and is very people friendly. Maggie adores attention, so she would appreciate a home where someone would care for her and make her feel extra special.


15 years old


Tiny joined the Equine Outreach herd in late December 2023. Tiny was at risk of being in an unsafe situation, so we partnered with the Sheriff's Department to ensure he had a safe place to land. Tiny has demonstrated so far that he has a very sweet and calm disposition. Being new to the herd, we are still learning and evaluating Tiny to determine what type of adoptive or foster home might suite him. Stay tuned!


27 years old
15.3 hh


Mr. Blue would be so happy to have his own person. He loves attention, is very calm, and has impeccable ground manners. He used to move out on the trail, but was not “hot” or “ill-behaved.” Blue stands quietly and nicely to be haltered and saddled. However, due to his age, he isn't a candidate for the riding anymore. But, he would make a wonderful companion horse.


19 years old
16 hh


Harmony came in without much information, but she is friendly and gentle. She has a neurological condition that she has been treated for and now stands with her rear legs out. She is easy going (although often likes to be the alpha) and would make a wonderful companion for your horse or yourself.


25 years old
16 hh


Paige is friendly and welcoming to humans. A solid partner could bring her a long way. She needs someone who can provide consistency to work with her and bring her to her full potential. She is relaxed, curious, and does well with her small herd. 


Late 20s


Chief is a late 20's senior paint gelding that arrived to EOI around Thanksgiving 2023. He won us over quickly with his calm & kind personality and almost immediately found a loving foster home with pasture and a pasture mate. Chief did not have a lot of vet care in his previous life and his intake exam revealed some health conditions that will need to be managed for the rest of his days. Chief would thrive as a companion horse in a retirement home where he can receive lots of love & care.


25 years old


Java was rescued from Warm Springs by EOI many years ago. She was successfully adopted, but returned to EOI in 2023 sadly due to the passing of her wonderful adopter. We have been told Java is slow to trust so until we understand her more, we are being
quiet and gentle with her and taking her cues.


28 years old


Patch is a handsome senior paint gelding. He was taken in by a kind family who knew he had few other options at his age. Unfortunately the family's circumstances had unexpectedly changed and he was surrendered to us in mid-2023. We are still getting to know Patch, but he is settling in well and proving to be very friendly and gentle. He requires a full mash diet and would make an excellent companion horse for anyone willing to devote a little additional care and love in his senior years.

Prospect Horses


Prospect horses are physically sound, have had some groundwork training, and may have been trained to accept a saddle, bridle, and/or rider. But they need a tune-up and additional time with a trainer to become confident and reliable riding horses. Equine Outreach makes no guarantee of a horse's level of training or soundness.

The adoption fee is $500. This fee includes the $25 adoption application fee. We strongly recommend that you have the horse independently vet checked and evaluated by your trainer, especially if you have limited training experience. We make every effort to have adopted horses be up-to-date on their vaccinations, worming and farrier work.

​>> For details on how to adopt any of these horses, please see our Adoption Process page.


Arabian/Quarter Horse

25 years old
15 hh


Mocha joined the herd in February 2022. He is gentle, easy to halter and walk, and has trail riding experience. Mocha was the only horse for the past two years with his previous owner, so introducing him to others takes some time and patience. He gets anxious if he is bonded to another horse and that horse is taken out. He has been given clearance by our vet to be ridden again and needs a re-start to get back in shape.

Sanctuary Horses - Not Available for Adoption


These members of our herd are not available for adoption, but if you would like to sponsor one, please click here.




27 years old


Toby is as sweet as can be, an old soul. He is considered the greeter at the ranch as he likes to roam around and see everyone. He frequently stands by the front gate to welcome volunteers as they arrive. Toby is "Grandpa" to little Nala as they are a bonded pair. He is a little creaky in his hind end as he has some old injuries in his hips and loves a good brushing.

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