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Rebecca Maloney
Board Member/Volunteer Manager


With more than 20 years in Information Technology (IT), Rebecca stands out as an eminent executive. She has been instrumental in driving the deployment, consolidation, and broadening of advanced IT Management systems, playing a key role in bolstering corporate expansion, enhancing security measures, and fostering organizational adaptability. Recognized for her expertise in cybersecurity and M&A system integrations, Rebecca earned the trust and respect of her peers, leading to her election to her Company’s Board of Directors in 2018.


Areas of Expertise:


  • Cybersecurity & Vulnerability

  • Systems Integration/M&A

  • Compliance and Audits

  • Leadership, Mentoring & Coaching

  • Optimization of Human Capital and Work Culture

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

  • Strategic Planning on Executive Team

  • 6 years of Combined Corporate and Non-Profit Board experience

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