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Help Us Raise $8,000 to Rescue Two More Horses

Giving Tuesday 2021 is here, and we have a goal to raise $8,000 to rescue the next two horses at Equine Outreach! Care for a year is about $4,000 per horse, so this will cover their costs for the first year. Want to be a part of this mission and change the lives of two horses from abuse, neglect, abandonment, or slaughter? There are many horses out there who need us, and you can help save them and give them the life they deserve.

Here are just some of the many we have rescued to date:



Surrendered from previous owners who seriously neglected her.


CJ, Violet, Paige

Rescued from race horse scam where they were neglected and starved.



Saved from a slaughterhouse auction.



Rescued from a life of systematic, cruel training focused on "breaking" her spirit.

You can change the lives of two more horses. It's literally a case of life or death for so many of them.

How you can help:

1. Share our Facebook fundraiser link here (Facebook is matching donations up to a certain amount early on Tuesday) 


2. Create your own fundraiser through Facebook or share this page link via email or text and ask friends to help. 

3. Donate online here:

Thank you for helping us save more horses from a life of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or slaughter. Our herd is very grateful for you.

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