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"Toby Resting in the Shade" Fine Art Print $35-60
  • "Toby Resting in the Shade" Fine Art Print $35-60

    Description: "Toby Resting in the Shade" 

    Sizes Offered/Prices: (prints are unframed)

    5x7 - $35

    8x10 - $45

    11x14 - $60

     (includes shipping - shipped within 1-2 business days)

    Digital painting Giclee printed on Fine Art Photographic


    Artist Statement:

    Paul Christopher is a Visual Development artist working in the Entertainment Industry for over 20 years. He has worked as a Senior Concept Artist on many blockbuster Films and Video Games, working with most of the major Production Studios. He is currently working for Sony Interactive Entertainment, and enjoys painting in any spare moment life offers up. Paul has been trained in the Alla Prima approach to painting. His love of art in styles that range from Expressionism to Modernism to Impressionism has given him endless inspiration in his artistic endeavors. He continually pushes himself to grow and develop in his craft. To see more, please visit

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