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The Helping Hoof program will offer assistance to local horse owners in Central Oregon who have fallen into economic hardships and are having trouble affording care for their horse(s).


At Equine Outreach, part of our goal is to help people keep their horses at home whenever possible. If that’s not an option, then we want to expand what we can do to save these horses from being sold, possibly ending up in the wrong hands where they would be at risk for abuse, sent to a slaughterhouse, or be euthanized. The Helping Hoof program is going to fill a growing need in the community.


Specifically, the Helping Hoof program includes:

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1. Feed assistance

For people who have fallen into economic hardship due to job loss or other extenuating circumstances, we would deliver enough hay to help them continue to feed their horses for 1-2 months until other arrangements can be made for their long-term care. Horses should not have to suffer due to a temporary cash flow issue.

2. Foster care

The second part of this program would be offering to foster someone's horse(s) for up to three months if they are in a hardship and can't care for them temporarily (health issue, chemo treatment, hospitalization, surgery, etc.). We would use the funds to take them in and care for them at Equine Outreach or one of our foster homes. Again, offering owners a way to keep their horses while getting through a difficult time in their lives and not have them suffer from neglect or put them up for auction.


3. Medical Assistance

If an owner is having a temporary economic hardship and their horse is in need of medical assistance in order to remain at home instead of being sent to auction or ending up in the wrong hands, our team can help connect owners with support. Horses should not have to be in pain due to a temporary financial hardship.

4. Community outreach

The final component of this program would include ongoing community education and workshops for horse owners on caring for horses during tough economic times, what the options are if you find yourself in this situation, connection to other local organizations who can offer assistance, and support and instruction from our team who. Sometimes, we have found, people need advice from an experienced person on how to cope and save money while ensuring the best continued care and life for their horse.


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