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BonBon's Eye Removal Surgery and Recovery

Over the last couple of months, our most senior (and some may argue most beautiful) lady BonBon has been struggling with persistent corneal ulcers. Despite our team’s diligent, round the clock treatment, a non-healing ulcer of the right eye became complicated and our Bend Equine veterinary team determined that the best course forward for her was enucleation (eye removal).


The surgery was a success and BonBon returned home to us however despite the eye healing beautifully, BonBon has become inappetent. This is likely due to geriatric sensitivity to change/stress, leading in turn to secondary liver inflammation and dehydration and further inappetence. She is now back in the hospital and being treated with supportive care including IV fluid therapy, gastroprotectants, parental nutrition, acupuncture and pain medications. So once again we are really fighting for our our old sweet gal, doing all we can to help her bounce back. Meanwhile the medical bills are stacking up and we are expecting the total cost of eye removal surgery and post-complication support to exceed $5,000.


If you know BonBon, she is a gentle old soul, but will never let you forget she still has the ability to act like a horse half her age, running with grace and bucking with vigor when she gets excited. She has become so affectionate and loving in her senior years. We just love her so and are doing all that we can to get her through this difficult time.


You may also know that we are fundraising through Central Oregon Gives this year for an Emergency Veterinary Care & Transport Fund. This is a perfect example of why such a fund is needed as these unexpected medical emergencies often cost double or triple of our routine vet care budget.If you can contribute towards BonBon’s care here, or to us through Central Oregon Gives, we would be so grateful! Thank you!

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